Title: Countdown
Pairing: Jessica/Tiffany (Jeti)
Rating: T
A/N: My first time writing a dark themed one shot and comments would be lovely (:

Tiffany had never been good at saying goodbye, even on short, weekend trips. Now, she had kept the handwritten note short and sweet, praying to God that Jessica will understand, and hopefully, one day, forgive her.

I don’t mean to hurt her or cause her any fresh pain. I sincerely don't. I hope she understands that this isn't her fault. I love her with all my heart and being. No matter what, that fact will never change. I’m so thankful and forever grateful that she chose me and that made me feel special, the girl prayed silently.

But the dawn of each new day only brings me more heartache and renewed memories. Some memories are like leeches. They latch on for dear life and slowly, ever so slowly, suck and drain all the blood, all the living out of you, she continued pouring her woes to the one above.

The hurt Tiffany was feeling inside is too unbearable and indescribable. For days, weeks, months she had been forced into summiting to people she didn’t want to. Those disgusting men that yearns her body, threatening to remove her from the face of the media if she wouldn’t summit made her feel upmost shameful of herself.

She knew she had other alternatives if she doesn’t continue this career as an artist. She could just start up a small café with Jessica, and live happily ever after. But that wasn’t the life she wanted to live at the age of 22.

Jessica wouldn’t understand her pain, her other friends wouldn’t too. Even she herself felt disgusted of her own body. Tiffany was afraid of judgement. Too afraid.

She settled herself comfortably on the queen-size bed, slowly pulling the red, satin comforter up to her chin and stared at the full bottle of prescription pills carefully nestled on her right hand.

What will it be like to not see the rising sun? To not hear my alarm clock going off? Not hitting snooze to give myself another fifteen minutes? What will that feel like? More important to me now, though, is that will it hurt? I hope not. When they find me, I want it to look like I’m sleeping, peacefully just like Sleeping Beauty. However, for me, there won't be a knight in shining armour to wake me, save me, and ride off into eternity, Tiffany thought to herself.

As tears slowly flood her weary eyes and blurred her vision, Tiffany look around her cozy bedroom for the last time. Ever. There was nothing better than lighting several fragrant candles, drinking a little white wine and cozying up with Jessica. Yes, that was heaven.

Simple things excite the girl. Always have. Watching a sunrise or sunset, waking up to birds chirping in the treetops, walking hand in hand through the park with Jessica, all these things brought her great joy.

Jessica would have to understand, Tiffany sighed as she stared at the note propped up on the nightstand. The girl would love to hear her soothing, loving voice one last time. Yet, she knew she wouldn’t be able to go through with her plan if she did.

Tiffany said a silent prayer of forgiveness as she placed one, then two colourful pills on her tongue and swallow dry. She didn't think of getting a glass of water. She can't think.

The lump in her throat quickly diminishes. There’s no turning back now. Just like there was no turning back when she committed those sins.

The countdown begins.

Ten, nine, eight, seven. . .

Tiffany hoped this happens quickly as she steadfastly placed three, four pills on her tongue and swallowed again. Hot tears start to spill forth and stream down her cheeks as she realized the final result of her actions.

Six, five, four, three. . .

The girl swallowed a handful of pills this time. She’d lost count as to how many she’ve digested. As spittle escaped from her mouth, she gagged.
Tiffany wiped the overflow away with the back of her hand and kept right on shoving pills in her mouth until the orange-brown medicine bottle is empty.

Now, the girl was waiting for blessed relief and peace to take away her hurt and pain.

Two, one. . .

It won’t be long now; Tiffany faintly smiled and lay back against her pillow.

Suddenly, she felt lightheaded, like floating on a big, fluffy white cloud, bouncing up and down, giddy with not a care in the world. This was a different sensation. Not a care in the world. Nothing matters but blessed, uneventful sleep.

Tiffany closed her tired, weary eyes as the countdown ends.

Fade to black.



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